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I write under the pseudonym of Frank Zenau and Elizabeth writes under the pseudonym of Elizabeth Quaster. All of our books are available from most adult E-Book affiliate retailers such as from the link below:
The Misadventures of Wilhelmina Dawson Part Two. The Man She Would Marry by Elizabeth Quaster $2.95 ISBN 9781301095841
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The Misadventures of Wilhelmina Dawson Part One. Her Lot in Life by
Elizabeth Quaster
ISBN 9781476015613 $1.95
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My Best Friend My Mom His Mom and Her Dog Part 1, by Frank Zenau
ISBN 9781301678655  $3.95  
My Best Friend My Mom His Mom and Her Dog. Part 2 Ranch Life, by Frank Zenau
ISBN 9781301177073 $3.95
This outrageous romp about how two young boys turn their stepmothers into sex slaves is sure to please you. Adult only. Graphic sex, bestiality, incest, whips, branding and interracial sex. By Frank Zenau

Newest Releases

The Road to Paradise
by, Frank Zenau
ISBN 9781301445967 $2.95
The Slut Within Me
by, Elizabeth Quaster
ISBN 9781301462483 $2.95
The Slut and Her Stepsons
by, Elizabeth Quaster
ISBN 9781301790159 $2.95